The PixFlex Differences
There are many...


Fast loading time! Why? Because we painstakingly optimize each image and every line of code.


No, we don't promise you 1st position on Google, but we make sure search engines understand and index your website correctly.


We care about websites that work well on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.


Clear user interfaces (UI) plus clean code equal a flying high user experience (UX.)


Optimizing back-end code, where your users cannot see, is not what other web design firms would normally do. We do.


Except licensed assets, you own the custom code and graphics that we create for your website. Period. Dare to ask other firms for it?


Colors, fonts, photos, videos, layouts... No more boring websites!


You don't have to host your website with us for it to work. Period. (And please stay away from companies that require you to host with them.)


That also means saving you money and frustration down the road!

"Like many other business owners, I understood the importance of a good website; I didn't want my business' website to be inferior to those of my competitors. However, I didn't take the time necessary to find a capable and reliable partner, or allocated an adequate budget for it...... Admittedly, the opportunity cost, plus the set back to my brand, was enormous and difficult to recuperate...... Working with you (PixFlex) has been a different story. Oh what a difference!"

— A New Client

Portfolio. Different. Memorable.


Experienced. Involved. Dedicated.

Your web design firm is very important to the success or your entire marketing campaign. Therefore, choose a firm wisely. PixFlex wants to be your web design firm of choice. Calling on our extensive knowledge of website design and all of the technologies that support it, we've helped many small businesses and corporations grow their market size, raise their leadership position, and maintain exceptional customer service. All of which has lead to acknowledgements we are particularly proud of: A partner that you can trust, that can be relied upon and that operates with integrity, flexibility and transparency is indespensible. PixFlex is such a partner.

So many companies offer web design services, what set us apart? PixFlex helps you target the audiences you want, creates a website of the scale you need, provides the expert insights you seek, and performs as you expect.

"Dear Marketing Managers, your web design firm literally dictates your happiness in the next few months or even years! So, choose your partner wisely."

Timothy Nguyen, Director

10 more reasons why PixFlex - Dallas Web Design - should be your partner

The better web design firm
  • Dedicated and experienced team of designers and developers (Senior level only)
  • Agile web development methodologies that can adapt to each unique situation quickly — and we will hold your hands all the way through if needed
  • PixFlex uses well-known, universally adapted web technologies (used and endorsed by large corporations like Microsoft, Google, Yahoo!, YouTube, and Facebook) to create your applications
  • Our goal is to serve you as your long-term and trusted partner, not a drive-by partner
Delivering the expected - and a little more
  • Promotion of your brand and tenure in the industry
  • Increased credibility with your potential clients
  • Expanded marketing presence—locally or worldwide
  • Engaging user experience and straightforward usability (easy-to-use)
  • Improved search engine optimization (SEO) and increased search engine accessibility
  • Scalable site framework - Expand your website to accommodate more content easily
Quality that doesn't cost a fortune
At PixFlex - Dallas Web Design, high-quality doesn't mean high-cost. Our business model eliminates the overhead costs that exist in traditional development methodology while maintaining the critical creative process and high production value.
Unbiased, expert advice
Unlike other web design companies, we are not married to any computer languages, development platforms or software vendors. Our breath and depth of current technologies and our independence from being a vendor allow us to give you unbiased expert advices based on your unique situation.
Actively seeking ways to save you money
PixFlex is very active in seeking to understand your business and look for ways to save you money. We also continually look for technical solutions that help your business. For example, if we find that your business process is costing you $20K a year in labor costs that can be automated with a $5K piece of software saving you $15K the first year and $55K over 3 years, we will bring this to your attention. Part of being able to do this is learning about your business over time and keeping abreast of technology trends in your industry.
Plain-English communication
If you have problems understanding your web designers in the past, be frustrated, confused and worried no more. We will explain the most technical issues in plain old English, in many ways, and of course, with complete patience.
One-on-one service — working with you and for you
  • Everyone's needs are unique. That's why we provide personalized services. We get to know you and what you're looking for in designing your ideal website.
  • Lighten the workload of your project manager.
  • Reduce waste of time and resources on extraneous processes.
  • Ensure that the project move forward as planned.
  • Maintain open communication between you and us.
  • Maintain PixFlex's high level of quality product and services by using our proven methodology as a guide, keeping an open mind to your suggestions or concerns, staying driven, and having a lot of fun.
A better experience
We don't promise that our partnership will be effortless, but count on us to make your experience both exciting and rewarding.
You deserve a quality, unique, and engaging website. We agree!
Quality, unique, and engaging websites really speak louder and connect with your customers better. Our web projects vary because our clients vary from one industry to another. From simple web design solutions for new and regional businesses to complex multimedia solutions for established and national corporations, the constant element from one web project to another is the highest level of design quality. PixFlex has designed many websites through out the year, and yet none are the same as the other. Overall, our websites are more engaging and command more clicks.
Speak to your customers — your way

You need to target a niche group of customers who are exclusive and discerning and who are often referred to as "the upscale market." We work together with you to give you the tools you need. How you use them is up to you.

Bonus reason: Uncertainty-less!
Your big investment should be built with confidence. That's why we try to eliminate as much uncertainty as possible out of the whole web design process—from quote to delivery. We understand you need a website that works well technically and aesthetically, and one that targets the right customers. We will be able to tell you exactly how much you should invest in your website based on your pre-defined needs. Once a quote is given, it is fixed. Everything relating to the project is clearly explained in a formal proposal, so you will know exactly what to expect.

OK, that's more than 10 reasons. Anyway, we look forward to providing you with creatively and technically sound web design solutions. Contact us today!


Whether you need a new website, some updates, troubleshooting, or just some general advice, our team is always here to help. With PixFlex, you can trust that you're not just getting a web design firm - you're getting a partner that's involved and dedicated to your success.